From Red Dot Winner to Red Dot Jury Member

This year, our general manager, Nina Mihovec, served as a member of the Red Dot Design Award Jury. What an honour!

Since Wilsonic Design is a recipient of several Red Dot Design Awards for Product Design, it was a unique experience for a member of our team to take part in this renowned competition from the other side. Through the judging process, she got to meet amazing people from all around the world and see many outstanding products from thoughtful, creative and innovative designers.

More than ever, Mihovec believes that investing in good design is a sustainable, long-term decision that can elevate a company to a whole new level – not just aesthetically but from a business perspective as well.

Says Mihovec, “It’s about creating products that are not only beautiful and functional, but also align with acompany’s values and goals, leading to increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and, ultimately, business success.”

If your company has an outstanding product that you believe deserves recognition for its aesthetic, functional, innovative or smart design, there’s still time to register for the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2024.

Regular registration:
30 September 2023–15 December 2023

Latecomer registration:
16 December 2023–19 January 2024 

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