Let us accompany you on your product's journey from an idea to a memorable, quality-of-life-enhancing experience.


To understand our task, we must understand the situation as it is now. We must understand you and the (intended) users of your product in its environment. What is the market like? Who are your competitors?
What are your needs, desires and goals? And why?


We look at the question or problem from all possible angles. We search for innovative and realisable conclusions to the sentence: "We can, if ...".

We re-think the question in order to imagine possible solutions before developing more complex sketches.


Our diverse team filters the ideas from the Design (re-)thinking step and sets out to develop and translate them into more concrete visual ideas. At Wilsonic Design, this step takes place with designers working side by side with engineers, thus eliminating surprises related to technical limitations later.


Concurrent with our engineers we work to find the key values, ideas and features around which we will focus our intention. Within that, we play with design language to find the style that truly communicates your desired message and function.


In order to better envision how the proposed design will look and function in the environment, we can produce visualisations of the product that help you to get a clearer picture of where we are heading. On the basis of the visualisations, we can also fine tune the design and analyse new questions that arise.


Through the use of CAD modelling and various analyses and control tools, our designers and engineers translate their design into a format understandable for the manufacturer. In this phase we make the design ready for industrial production processes.


We have the tools to produce an early, actual-sized sample of your new product. The transformation from computer screen or two-dimensional representation to a three-dimensional life-sized experience gives us valuable information for testing and refining both the design concept and the manufacturing process.


Finding the suppliers of existing parts, negotiating with a capable manufacturer, creating a viable manufacturing process, all these actions comprise the final execution phase for your product.

But once it has been produced, the journey doesn't end here. We can also help you to bring the product to market and communicate its value to your customers.

We give you a specialised approach
We combine our team's breadth of knowledge in providing the above services with our depth of experience to assure the quality and innovation of your product.

Very few design studios are able to provide such a comprehensive approach.


Defining and implementing a design strategy means understanding the identity and long-term goals of not only your specific product but of your entire brand. Design is a language with its own rules and expectations. We know how to speak it and how to use its hidden nuances to elevate your company's message.


Not all new ideas are innovative. Not every creative solution is an innovative one. We consider the entire context of factors that affect the success of your product, your brand and your company, and seek to bring them to a new level that makes sense and fulfils the specific needs of your industry or customer base.
It's not enough to be different and stand out, you still need a way to connect to your user and stay true to your brand.


We design for humans. Many think design is all about aesthetics, about looking good. We design products that not only look good, but also have a comfortable fit and effective function between the user and the intended environment. We employ skills in comfort design, functional design and physical ergonomics to understand the needs of the users and make the product safe, efficient, enjoyable and easy to use.